Welcome to the website of the Green Fingers Garden & Social Group

The Green Fingers Gardening & Social Club is dedicated to making Sector C on Camposol a place where the residents are proud to live and where visitors are happy to return

Headed up by a Chairman Green Fingers consists of Maintenance Team supplemented by dedicated volunteers who give their time freely to improving areas of Camposol Sector C North/Lower … not forgetting members of the Committee and Poligon Representatives who work tirelessly in the background

With no direct funding from any authority it is up to the Green Fingers team and their many helpers to raise the much needed funds to make the area a nice and pleasant place to live. This is done via the maintenance scheme – with monies used to clean and weed residential streets … and bucket collections and social events – with monies used to fund work in public areas by the volunteers

The Green Fingers Maintenance scheme has now been operating for a four years and it’s hard for new homeowners to appreciate what Camposol ‘C’ would look like without the scheme in place

There used to be waist high weeds in every road, terrible pot holes, no neat gravelled kerbs or planted areas and lots of rubbish blowing about. It seemed like a ‘forgotten’ and very dirty area

No-one likes living or spending their holidays in such a place, so if you don’t already belong to our scheme, please consider joining

It only costs a small donation of 5 Euros per house each month to have the residential street of C Sector North swept, cleaned and sprayed. Every Euro of each member’s monthly donation is used to enhance the whole area, which has improved beyond recognition as each month passes, thanks to a lot of hard work

However, we are totally dependent upon your help, so thanks to those who spare a minute to take care of any plants near their homes, those who have offered our working parties refreshments and those who contribute to our buckets!

Hopefully, one day when we are fully adopted by the Ayuntamiento, their roadsweeper will visit us a little more often than twice per year and Green Finger’s Maintenance Scheme will no longer be needed, but until then we ask that you give some thought to joining us, even if your house is only used as a holiday home – unfortunately the weeds don’t have holidays and your street still needs clearing all year round!

Our volunteer working parties meet every Wednesday for a couple of hours during the Autumn/Winter/Spring seasons and we appeal to anyone who can spare a couple of hours to please come and help continue the improvement of C Sector North/Lower

Our volunteers work to improve the public areas of Sector C North/Lower. This includes clearing overgrown areas, putting down membrane and gravel, weeding, watering, sweeping and planting … this work been funded by monies raised by our social events and weekly bucket collection

We meet at the Welcome Wall at 9am. Butties for breakfast are free and don’t worry if you can’t do heavy work there are light tasks including weeding, planting and watering

Come along and make new friends, even if you’re only here on holiday you’ll be beautifying your whole community!

We also have a number of residents who maintain areas adjacent to their property by planting, weeding and watering

If you have any ideas for the website or encounter any problems please do not hesitate to email: greenfingersgardengroup@gmail.com

Thank you for visiting our website