maintenance team & volunteers w/e 27/9/17

on monday the maintenance team swept & cleaned  c2, calles aralia ,Ibiscum, frailes, jodar,Jimena, juesa pozo plcon,and lopera, 
wednesday saw 10 volunteers out johns, 1 & 2 badr  pete graham paul  charles ken cath and sue.
another 14 tons of gravel were laid along c/ibuscum and 2 tons on golf club roundabout to replace oil covered gravel which was removed last week.
the vandalised planter on rambla wall was replaced and re planted then onto the usual weeding watering routine ,lastly we built a ramp at the bottom of dual carriage way so mobility scooters can access footpath along rambla road next week another at the other end will be built.
cath and sue did the bucket collection which raiised 340.02 euros thanks to all who donated. and thanks to susie and cath for breakfasts

graham vice chairman


On Saturday night,vandals attacked one of the planters on the side of the Rambla road.
They pulled it off it’s fixings of cement and rebar,and pushed it over the wall onto the Rambla bank.
This is the latest in a long line of vandalism and theft,that has cost Green Fingers hundreds of €uros over the past year.

maintenance team & volunteers w/e 20th september 17

on monday the maintenance team were working on c 7 and c 10 c/retama Carolina, begijar, chiclana, santaurio , de la fuensanta, and calle embalse de judio,
wednesday saw our volunteer numbers back up to ten with the return of project manager ken along with johns 1 & 2 pete charles graham badr paul cath and sue.
14 tons of gravel were delivered and spread along calle ibiscum , we then went on to clear the mess left by the crash on the dual carriageway/ golf club roundabout where large amounts of oil and engine parts were spread across the gravel and one large palm had been hit.
then onto more watering and weeding, later in the day john 1 pete and myself picked up a water container donated by a bolnuevo resident.
cath and sue did the bucket collecting 338.77 euros thanks to everyone who stopped and donated, and thanks to susie and cath for breakfasts

graham vice chairman


Just to remove any confusion that may have arisen from my last weekly blog,of last month.
As I said then,I am handing over the posting of the weekly blog to our Vice Chairman,Graham Harris. I am not resigning,and remain as Chairman of the Group.
I hope this clarifies the situation.

maintenance team & volunteers w/e 13/09/2017

on monday the maintenance team were working on c5 and c6 .Calles Begijar , Retama ,Beas Del Segura, Puerto Lumbreras, Aralia, and Castillo Mayorazgo were cleaned and weeded.
wednesday we had eight volunteers out pete , badr, john 2, paul, paddy, graham,
les a welcome visitor , and a warm welcome back to sue…
all the tree planters ect were watered and lots of trimming and weeding done after the recent rain thats made everything grow again . pete and badr also collected two loads of slate that was donated.
graham, sue, and paddy did the bucket collecting 331.31 euros , thanks to all who stopped and donated and to suzie and anne for breakfasts


On Monday the Team cleared a quantity of silt and stones from some of the main junctions on the Sector,that had been affected by the previous week’s heavy downpours.
We then went on to clean and weed Calles Bailen,Baeza,and Castillo De San Juan on C4.
Wednesday found only 6 Volunteers out,due to holidays,hospital appointments,and visitors.
Badr,John2,Paddy,Paul,and Pete watered,weeded,replaced a planter,and collected large stones,donated by a resident.
I did the bucket,assisted by Paddy,raising €343-60,a portion of which had been carried over from last week,when we were rained off.Thanks to everyone who donated,and to Suzie for Monday’s breakfast.


On Monday the Team cleaned and weeded Calle Alcala la Real on C1 & C3,part of Ibiscum and the part of Retama on C1,and all of Calle Azaleas on C1/C3 & C2/C4.
Wednesday found Volunteers Cath, Badr,Charles,Graham,Johns 1 & 2, Paul and Pete clearing the floodwater at the bottom of the dual carriageway in the rain.We called it a day at 9-30 when the torrential rain started again,but made sure the relief pipes,and gullies were clear.
Thanks to Suzie for Monday’s breakfast.
Graham Harris
Vice Chairman

Report w/e 23 August 2017

On Monday the Team cleaned and sprayed the whole of C1 with the exception of Calle Alcala La Real which will be done next week

Wednesday we had 7 volunteers out – Pete, Badr, Graham, Charles, Christine, Margaret and Paddy. They watered and weeded everything. In the afternoon Graham and Pete put up the direction signs for the Camposol Fiesta this weekend

Margaret and Christine were on bucket duty collecting Euro 225.14. Thanks this week to Suzie for breakfasts


Vice Chairman