maintenance team & volunteers w/e 17th january 2018

Friday the annual trim of the palms was started ,a change to working pattern caused by the rain saw the team out on tuesday this week and were on c3/4 cleaning weeding and also clearing mud from perimeter road left by vehicles coming off the campo road.
Wednesday there were ten volunteers out cath marylyn badr johns 1 & 2 matt pete graham and charles.
The recent rain meant we only had to water the new plants, twenty ollianders were planted in the verge above golf club roundabout, another twenty to follow next week the verge was also cleared of weeds and vegetation. A great deal of weeding was carried out along rambla road ,cath & john 1 did the bucket raising 194 euros  our thanks to all who donated

graham vice chairman

maintenance team and volunteers w/e 10th jan 2018

Monday the team were on C2,with Calles Aralia, Ibiscum, Frailes,Jodar,Jimena, and Huesa being cleaned and weeded.
We also collected 4 rose bushes donated by John & Irene McCracken,and planted them in the new planter on the corner of Calle Puerto Lumbreras.
Wednesday saw seven volunteers out johns 1& 2 badr pete graham cath and welcome back to marylyn.
nothing seems to stop the weeds growing so more watering and weeding , the bottom growth of the palms along the dual carriagway was all trimmed back out of the road. The potted trees were all watered and sprayed again .
cath and john one did the bucket collecting 166 euros, thanks to cath & suzie for breakfasts.

graham vice chairman

maintenance scheme

Yesterday was the 6th anniversary of the start of the Green Fingers Maintenance Scheme.
For the cost of a cup of coffee a week,Lower C Sector has been transformed from streets full of weeds and rubbish into a place that residents can be proud to say they live in. We still need more people to join our Scheme to keep it viable,so don’t leave it to your neighbours to pay,contribute to the Scheme yourself.Ring John on 634 325 427 or see one of our Volunteers at our Wednesday bucket collection. A big thank you to everyone who contributes to our Scheme,without you Lower C Sector would not be the pristine place it is now. Chairman,Green Fingers.

maintenance team & volunteers w/e 3/1/2018

Monday of course was new years day so the team had another well earned rest.
Wednesday found six volunteers out a warm welcome back to matt and to 1st time volunteer lorraine who did a great job on the bucket, ,also out were badr john 2, pete and graham.
Usual watering weeding took place ,all the trees in planters were sprayed as some have picked up mite damage. Flower beds were weeded and cut back to allow new growth.
The bucket collection raised 315.25 euros thanks to all who donated and margaret for the bacon sandwiches.

graham vice chairman

maintenance team & volunteers 27 th december 2017

The maintenance team took a well earned rest on monday .
A very slow wednesday saw just three volunteers out badr, pete & graham ,watering of all new plants and those in containers started the morning then general weeding tidying took place , badr rattled the bucket on a very chilly and slow day traffic wise raising 71 euros.
All at green fingers wish every one a happy new year, feliz ano nuevo.,

graham vice chairman

maintenance team & volunteers w/e 20th december 2017

On monday the team were on c7 &c10 cleaning weeding and spraying.
Wednesday found six volunteers out being john 1, pete , badr, graham , cath, and of course santa on bucket and sweet duty.

.Some donated plants were planted and anything in planters or pots was watered and area generally tidied up.
Santa raised a really good total in the bucket of 325.85 euros but now hes insisting on fifty weeks holiday! our thanks to all who donated .
we would also like to thank all those who volunteered during the year lots of whom have returned to the uk for the winter, and to all those who have donated either on a regular basis or just here on holiday , every cent helps us to make lower c look so much brighter and tidy.
the warm breakfasts provided by cath and suzie on these chilly mornings are really welcome thenk you.
The whole green fingers team wish every one a happy christmas

graham vice chairman

maintenance team & volunteers w/e 13th december 2017

On monday the maintenance team were on C7,with Calles Retama, La Carolina, Begijar, La Fuensanta, and Aralia being cleaned and weeded
Wednesday saw eight volunteers out on a chilly morning johns 1 & 2 pete, badr . charles, graham, cath, and of course santa on bucket duty.
After the recent rain only the new plants needed watering , some new planters along p/lumbreros were filled with soil and planted up, missing plants along the rambla road were replaced with new ones,
The ollianders were cut back ready ready for the new growth.
Santa looked after the bucket collecting 301.72 euros good old santa our thanks to cath and suzie for the breakfasts.

graham vice chairman

maintenance team & volunteers 6th december 2017

On monday the team were on C6 cleaning and weeding all calles.
Wednesday there were seven volunteers out johns 1 & 2 badr pete, charles  graham cath, this week we said good bye to ken our project manager who has returned to the uk for 3 months.
alll the new plants were watered and lots of weeding still needed the new roses were all pruned ready for the winter, and gravel tidied and weeded.
Cath and john did the bucket collecting 130 euros a good amount for a really slow red day , thanks to cath & suzie for breakfasts.

next week maybe santa will be on bucket duty and have some sweets or chocolate in his sack thats if john 1 or myself dont mug him for them.!

graham vice chairman