New planting Sept 2015

Pictures of new planting done during Sept 2015

Repair work 3rd Dec 2014

Repair work 3rd Dec 2014


Due to holidays Tuesday morning saw a reduced Maintenance Team weeding and sweeping on C7, C10 and then bottom end of Calle Retama (pig farm road).

Wednesday saw 10 volunteers join us … John, Mark, John 2, Badr, Graham, Paddy, Matt, Simon, John 3 and Con first watered around the Welcome wall areas, with further watering of all the planters along the dual carriageway done by Matt. Everyone then continued weeding the gravelled areas along the golf course fence and up the dual carriageway … apart from Paddy who ably manned the bucket, collecting €227.93 (plus 1 x 5p coil)

Many thanks to all who donated.

Also thanks to Suzie and Margaret for this week’s breakfasts.


Vice Chairman

Green Vegetation Bins

As you will be aware there is a problem with overfill / dumping at the green vegetation bins

For information … Posted today on the Preguntas y Mas Facebook site by Linda Biggs:

Between :-
Linda Biggs and Juan Jose (Juanjo) the Manager of Bahía de Mazarrón Ingeniería Urbana – the Company responsible for the rubbish collections.

I had again expressed our concerns to the Councillor for Public Services regarding the Vegetation Bins and the overflow rubbish left at the site of the bins and he kindly put me in touch with the Manager of the Company responsible. (Juanjo is an employee and not a Politician).

Juanjo very kindly agreed to meet me this afternoon and was under the impression that those areas had been left in a clean condition to which I expressed doubt. We therefore drove around and the bin areas on Sector B and Sector C which were obviously far from clean. Juanjo said that he would send workers to clear those areas and that should be done tomorrow. The huge heap at Calle Galicia/LaCaruña will also be cleared and the bin replaced.

Juanjo apologised for the problems we had experienced which was due to both staff shortages and the breakdown of the lorry.

Juanjo informed me that they are in the process of purchasing 31 new vegetation containers – these will be of a different type – skips. These skips will of course need a specialist vehicle for their management and that vehicle should be delivered very soon. These 31 skips are for the whole municipality and Juanjo is expecting to deploy sufficient to serve all Sectors, that is to say more for B C & D, but we have to realise that we cannot have them all!!
It is hoped to empty these skips on a regular basis – obviously it is more economic for the Council if they don’t have to empty them unnecessarily. Juanjo said that these bins are for domestic garden waste and not for Companies employed by residents to clear their gardens. I suggested that official Town Hall signs to that effect should be put on all containers as that would help reinforce anyone objecting to Commercials dumping such waste and this was agreed.

It is also planned at some time in the not too distant future, to replace our domestic waste bins with the grey type as seen in Mazarron and the Puerto. Again, I suggested that official signs be put on them prohibiting hot ashes.
The situation of availability of Roadsweepers is still in abeyance. Apparently there are insufficient to send everywhere in the Municipality. The reason they had more previously was because they were hired – the Town Hall now has a policy of purchasing rather than hire. Juanjo will send one as soon as he can.


On a warm Monday morning the Maintenance Team started by sweeping and weeding Calle Ibiscum and Retama from C1 down to C3 before moving on to the Calle’s of C3 and C4

Wednesday saw 8 volunteers braving a chilly start to the morning … Matt watered all the trees and planters up the dual carriageway and at the top end of the sector. Badr and Mohamed watered and weeded the bottom area of the dual carriageway … Alan, Graham and Paddy weeded and cleared dried mud on the bridge road

Special thanks to Wendy who did another extended bucket session and raised 159.77 Euro … many thanks to all who donated

Thanks to Janet and Margaret for the breakfasts this week


Vice Chairman


On Monday the Maintenance Team were back sweeping and weeding the streets of C1 and C2 after the Christmas / New Year break … have to report only one champagne cork and one wine bottle cork found!

Wednesday saw 11 volunteers out for the first time after the New Year break on what was a windy & chilly morning … Matt and John3 watered all the trees and planters up the dual carriageway and at the top end of the sector. Badr and Mohamed watered and weeded the bottom area of the dual carriageway … Simon, Alan, Graham, Paddy and new volunteer Tom weeded and cleared dried mud along the golf club fence road up to the bridge

Special thanks to Wendy who did an extended bucket session and raised 104.43 Euro … many thanks to all who donated

Thanks to Janet and Margaret for the breakfasts this week


Vice Chairman

Christmas / New Year Break

The Green Fingers Maintenance Team & Volunteers are taking a well earned break over the Christmas / New Year period

The Maintenance Team will be back on the streets Monday 4th January and Volunteers on Wednesday 6th January


On Monday the Team worked on C2 & C4 with Calles Aralia, Ibiscum, Frailes, Jodar and Jimena cleaned and weeded.
Wednesday saw 11 Volunteers out Badr, Graham, John 3, Mark, Paddy and Simon spread the new delivery of 12 tons of gravel alongside the top end of the dual carriageway. Earlier in the week 12 new palms had been planted. They then moved on to weed Calle Puerto Lumbreras

Cath, Wendy, Alan and myself weeded and watered at the bottom of the dual carriageway.
Father Christmas stopped off on his way to the North Pole to do the bucket and aided by Wendy and Cath raised a total of 253-40 Euros
Many thanks to all who donated and to Cath for the breakfasts.

A Happy Christmas and a bright New Year to all our Volunteers and everyone who has supported us through the year and by their efforts and donations to our bucket have made possible all the improvements to Sector C.
Our best wishes go out to all our friends who have returned to the UK who were part of Green Fingers when they were here in Camposol.