Maintenance Team & Volunteers w/e 11th May 2016

This week the Maintenance Team started to work “summer hours”, i.e. 7am to 12am, on Mondays … well that was the plan but due to the bad weather a reduced team came out on Tuesday … they worked on C1, C3 & C5 cleaning and weeding on Calles – Retama, Ibiscum, Alcala la Real, Azaleas and Begijar

Wednesday found 10 volunteers out – John, John2, Badr, Cath, Graham, Paddy, Paul, Wendy, Ken and myself … we worked on:

Small self-seeded palms were dug up and replanted – saving a few €!

Plants were watered, bushes trimmed and everyone’s favourite task weeding

We also planted a number of plants donated by residents

For safety our volunteers always wear high visibility clothing and work behind traffic cones when on the dual carriageway … please respect their safety and slow down when passing … none of us want a serious accident … even better slow down and give them a wave to show your support!

Tickets for our Street Party on Sunday the 12th June are selling fast … so don’t leave it until the last minute to get yours as we are limited in numbers because of space and catering requirements. Available from your poligono representative, our bucket collection point on a Wednesday morning or telephone John on 634 325 427

Another excellent week on the bucket 261.17€ … thanks to all who donated and to Cath & Suzie for the breakfasts this week

Finally … congratulations to our friends at Leos for their recent award as the best Leo group in Spain


Maintenance Team and Volunteers – w/e 04th May 2016

On Monday the Team cleaned and weeded on C1 with Calles Arjona, Alcaudette, Ibiscum and Azaleas being done along with the petanque court which was cleared of weeds. The area next to the lower petanque court was sprayed with weed killer.

The green garden waste bin has been replaced by 3 skips … no building waste, furniture, etc should be placed in these

Yet another of the red street signs has been stolen! … “Calle Azaleas” from the corner of Calle Azaleas and Calle Alcaudete

Two more residents joined the maintenance scheme this week

A new resident contacted the Team with an offer of some stone garden furniture

Wednesday found 10 volunteers out. We had an early delivery, 08:00am, of gravel which saw John, John2, Badr and myself very busy straight away! – 7 tonnes were spread on the new bed leading up to where the skips are located and 4 tonnes near the lower petanque courtimage image image

John and I then went to see the resident who had made the offer of some stone garden furniture … to find most of the items located on the villa roof terrace. A couple of phone calls and arrangements were made for the driver who had delivered our gravel to come use the crane lift to remove the items – a table, 4 stools, a fountain and 5 planters. Many thanks to the resident for such a generous donation

John2, Badr and I concentrated on the removal and relocation of these – the table and stools to the lower petanque court area; the fountain and planters to the lower dual carriageway areaimageimageimageimageimageimage

Meanwhile John went to meet with Paco from the garden centre at Bolnuevo to discuss plants, etc

Ken, Paul (welcome back), Graham and Paddy concentrated on watering all of the plants, trees, etc … an essential task and a one which takes a long time … Cath started on the bucket and then went on to weeding and tidying the waste bin’s, etc

Once again Wendy did an excellent job on the bucket raising 260.93€ … thanks to all who donated and to Cath & Suzie for the breakfasts

… and special thanks to all the volunteers today on what was a very busy day!



Green Fingers AGM 27th April at the Club House

The 7th Green Fingers Gardening and Social Group Annual General Meeting was held on 27th April at the Club House, Sector C, all residents of C Sector were invited to attend

John  Osborne (Chairman) welcomed everyone to the meeting and the first item on the agenda was the minutes of the last AGM which were agreed and accepted as a true record

John gave his Chairman’s Report on the past year which had been the biggest to date in terms of projects completed, plantings, social events, etc. John outlined the year’s achievements; the money spent on making the Sector better for the benefit of all the residents of Camposol and paid tribute to the great bunch of people who have made this transformation a reality. He expressed his thanks to everyone and to all those who support Green Fingers

John then presented the Treasurer’s Report … copies of which were made available for attendee’s and which had been independently audited by Greg Green (Sensol Golf Villa Sales) … many thanks to Greg

After 4 years as Chairman John announced that he had decided that the time had come to hand over to someone with fresh ideas to carry on the work of the group and announced his resignation to the meeting

Mark Hepworth (Vice Chairman) then made a presentation to John on behalf of the Green Fingers Gardening and Social Group thanking him for his dedication during his time as Chairman. John was also presented with cards signed by the Committee and attendees of the AGM  … his wife Cath was presented with a bouquet as a thank youimageThe current Committee were invited to step down and John asked for nominations for the Chairman role and Mark Hepworth was voted in by those at the meeting

Mark took the chair and the process then continued for the other Committee roles with the following been nominated and voted in:
Secretary – Coral Barras
Treasurer – Margaret Harris
Social Secretary – Paddy Clarke
Information Officer – Suzie Sambuca

Project Manger – Ken Newton

Committee/Poligono Representatives were confirmed (no voting required)

Mark asked for volunteers to help in the role of Poligono Representatives and John Craig agreed to help

Mark then asked that John Osborne accept the role of Honorary President to which he agreed … the proposal as voted on carried unanimously.

A full list of names can be found on the Green Fingers website

Mark outlined the objectives for the year ahead stating that work will continue to focus on continuous improvement to the sector

Mark opened the meeting to attendee’s and a short question and answer session followed

Mark closed the meeting by thanking the Team, everyone at the meeting and all those who support Green Fingers … with special tahnks to Cath and Suzie for the Team’s breakfasts!

This is only a summary report of the proceedings and full minutes will be available at a later date

New planting Sept 2015

Pictures of new planting done during Sept 2015

Big Planting Project March/April 2015

Volunteers working on the Big Planting Project March 2015

Walking Football