maintenance team and volunteers w/e 10th jan 2018

Monday the team were on C2,with Calles Aralia, Ibiscum, Frailes,Jodar,Jimena, and Huesa being cleaned and weeded.
We also collected 4 rose bushes donated by John & Irene McCracken,and planted them in the new planter on the corner of Calle Puerto Lumbreras.
Wednesday saw seven volunteers out johns 1& 2 badr pete graham cath and welcome back to marylyn.
nothing seems to stop the weeds growing so more watering and weeding , the bottom growth of the palms along the dual carriagway was all trimmed back out of the road. The potted trees were all watered and sprayed again .
cath and john one did the bucket collecting 166 euros, thanks to cath & suzie for breakfasts.

graham vice chairman

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