maintenance team & volunteers 22nd november 2017

On monday the maintenance team were on C1 ,with Calles Retama, Alcala la Real ,Alcaudete, Azaleas, Bugambilla, Ibiscum, and Arjona being swept and weeded and the top half of Bugambilla was also sprayed with weedkiller for the 2nd time in 2 weeks,because of the extensive spread of weeds through the pavement.
Wednesday found nine volunteers out being pete, badr johns 1 & 2 cath, christine, ken, graham & charles.
Again another morning of watering and weeding to start with , a length of c/Ibiscum was cleared and planted with donated  yuccas and  plants ,the new bed on corner of aralia and lumbreros was finished off and and planted with roses and yuccas behind  the bed which was cleared of undergrowth

On friday the bench which was torn up from the top of C was reinstated on the golf club roundabout and concreted in so hopefully will not go wandering about again
Cath and john 1 did the bucket collecting 200.64 euros another good amount in the less busy months .

graham vice chairman

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