maintenance team & volunteers w/e 15th november

On monday the team ere on C4, with Calles Santuario de San Juan, Aralia, Bailen, and Puerto Lumbreras being cleaned and weeded, until the gale force winds forced us to go over to planting and clearing the verge of Calle Aralia.
Wednesay saw nine volunteers out cath, christine, ken, badr, pete, gaham, charles, johns 1 & 2 in what started out as a very chilly morning .
The continual dry november meant everything still needed watering and weeding, a new bed was created on the corner of c/aralia and planted with a mixture of patio roses and daisies, the palms were treated for the red spider mite .
Cath and john did the bucket collecting 230.47 euros our thanks to all who donated and to cath & suzie for breakfasts.

graham vice chairman

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