On Monday the Team were joined by Vice Chairman Mark to help clear the mud from Calle
Puerto Lumbreras,washed down by last week’s torrential rain. We then moved on to Calle Aralia and cleared the gravel from the roundabout. Moving onto C2 we cleaned and weeded Calles Ibiscum,Aralia,part of Frailes,Jodar,Jimena and Huesa.
Wednesday found us one down,with Badr being ill,again Mark stepped in to help,clearing
the remains of the Leos insect hotel,burnt down by an arsonist on Monday .John2 watered
assisted by Cath and Jade. Volunteers Graham and John2 helped Mark and myself move 8
heavy roof beams into place to form a border alongside the gravelled area at the top of the dual carriageway.Jade and Cath did the bucket,collecting 172 Euros,thanks to all who donated,and to Suzie and Cath for the breakfasts.


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