On Monday the Team were on C7 & 10 clearing up the debris left by Saturday and Sunday’s heavy rain,with Calles Puerto Lumbreras,Retama,La Carolina,Begijar,La Fuentsanta,Los Cavachos,and the Monsora complex being cleaned and weeded.The area around the green waste bin was also tidied up,where green waste had been dumped instead of put in the container.
Wednesday saw Vice Chairman Mark out with the Team,cleaning up after the mini Gota Fria that struck on Tuesday evening.We cleared water, mud,and stones from the bottom of the dual carriageway,salvaging a number of car registration plates that had been torn off as they attempted to ford the raging torrent that swept down the dual carriageway.
We were joined by Volunteers Graham and Paul,who helped us recover the 6 railway sleepers that had been washed away from one of the planted areas.Gravel was recovered and resited on the area above our flood relief pipes,and a deeper channel was dug out of the vegetation to allow the flood water to escape.One of the pipes was extended to help with this.
Jade did the bucket,raising 168-02 Euros,thanks to everyone who donated,and she then helped Badr plant 10 large yuccas,donated by a resident.
Thanks to Suzie and Cath for the breakfasts.

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