Monday saw the Team cleaning and weeding alongside the dual carriageway,with Vice Chairman Mark deputising for me,whilst I went off with Graham to erect the signs for the
Fiesta this coming weekend.John2 watered all the trees and plants on the Sector.
Wednesday,again assisted by Mark, found us completing the cleaning and weeding job,all the way to the bridge.
John2 again watered everywhere.
Jade and later, Cath did the bucket raising 136.80 Euros,thanks to everyone who donated,and to Suzie and Cath for the breakfasts.
On Sunday evening,one of our new planters and trees was demolished,on the side of the dual carriageway,by a drunken driver who lost control of his car whilst going from D Sector
for more drink at the bars on B. Thanks to local residents,we were able to get his details and the promise of recompense for the damage done.

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