On Monday the Team finished cleaning,weeding,and spraying the rest of C2,with Calles Huesa,Pozo Alcon,Ubeda,and Bugambilla being treated.
John 2 watered all the planted areas.
Wednesday saw Badr and myself turn over the soil in the new flower bed,opposite Sensol Villas office,and mix in 280 litres of compost in readiness for the plants we will put in later next month.Jade and Cath weeded down the side of the dual carriageway,and then helped John 2 to water.
We then cleared and weeded along the pig farm fence from the green bin up to the junction with Calle Retama.
Cath,Jade and myself did the bucket raising 245.75 Euros,which included a very substantial donation from a resident towards the cost of the palm trimming.Thanks to all who donated,and to Suzie and Cath for the breakfasts.

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