On Monday the Team cleared a large amount of weeds from the top end of the dual carriageway between Sensol Villas office and the roundabout.They then moved over to C2/C4 Calle Azaleas,and on to Calle Lopera on C2.
John2 and Mark watered the whole of the planted areas.
Wednesday saw us,assisted by Joint Project Manager Mark,prepare and plant another new railway sleeper flower bed at the junction of the dual carriageway and the road up to the Golf Club.
John2 and Mark,assisted by Badr,Cath and Jade again extensively watered everywhere. Jade and Sue did the bucket,raising 202-50 Euros,thanks to all who donated,and to Suzie and Cath for the weeks refreshments,also to the 2 kind ladies who gave us drinks in Monday’s heat.

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