On Monday Ken,John2 and Mark watered all the plants and trees,and then Ken and Mark joined Badr,Jade and myself to start trimming palms on the dual carriageway.
This was continued on Tuesday,outside of our normal work hours.
Wednesday found us with 2 new Team members,Cath joined the Maintenance Team,whilst
John2 took over from Ken on watering,assisted by Mark and Graham.
The rest of the Team and Paul, tackled the palm trimming,joined by Mark and Graham when
watering was completed.
Jade and Sue did the bucket raising 190-85 Euros,thanks to everyone who donated,and to Suzie and Cath for the refreshments.

imagePictured at break,left to right:Cath,Paul,Graham,Mark,John2,Jade,John1,and Badr Ken,our waterer and Volunteer,returned to the UK today with his wife Lynn.We wish them safe journey back,and thank them for all their support,and look forward to their return in September.

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